Gia Mora, WonderCon 2016

Science in Hollywood

Scirens recently celebrated its second anniversary, so the timing couldn't have been more fortuitous for me to interview Dr. Kevin Grazier about his book, Hollyweird Science, for a Talk at Google hosted by the lovely and brilliant Ann Farmer. This was the ...
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Mothers and Daughters and Her

For months now I've been coveting a copy of Marjorie Salvaterra's HER: Meditations on Being Female--a new collection of fine art black and white photography that explores what it is to be a modern woman. Admittedly, there are selfish reasons ...
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It’s All Relative

Shakespeare famously wrote, All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. Little did he know that for the next 300 years, physicists would view the universe in a similar way. "[Classical] physics was like a play," ...
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It’s That Time of Year

With the mercury at a balmy 79 degrees, it seemed completely appropriate to write a blog post about winter skin care for Sheer Miracle. Truth be told, I have skin issues year round, and this routine keeps dry spots at ...
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Field Notes: MANH(A)TTAN Season 2

The eminent cosmologist Sean Carroll once said, “In physics, if you haven’t contributed anything by the time you’re 50, you’re through. In acting, you only get better with age.” Indeed, acting is a discipline where the master practitioners continue to evolve and deepen as ...
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Working with Sheer Miracle has been one of the highlights of my 2015. Not only do I get to promote a product I believe in and use daily, I also get to support and participate in a woman-owned business in ...
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“To Near-Earth Objects and Beyond”

Back in the early '90s, my parents were egalitarian, easy going, nonconformists who drove their kids from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a beat up Ford Econovan--a pre-SUV behemoth vehicle that had several peculiarities: way, way back seating ...
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My Spark Story

The computer always lived in a corner of a room. Living room, basement, bedroom--it didn't matter. That beige box and its bulky, buzzing friend the monitor were always wedged between two walls. I type this as I sit in the ...
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Fresh Face for Sheer Miracle

I've often said that if I could walk around Photoshopped in my everyday life, I would. We've all become accustomed to images of women looking absolutely perfect--no wrinkles, no blemishes, no extra weight on the hips. And while the world's ...
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Is going green driving you nuts? Put down those conventional cashews, and take a breath. It's easy to feel like any little effort you make is just awash in the larger environmental picture. Aside from flying less, walking more, and ...
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