“To Near-Earth Objects and Beyond”

Back in the early ’90s, my parents were egalitarian, easy going, nonconformists who drove their kids from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a beat up Ford Econovan–a pre-SUV behemoth vehicle that had several peculiarities: way, way back seating consisting of a foam mattress, a toddler’s training toilet to prevent unnecessary stops, and dual gas tanks …

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My Spark Story

The computer always lived in a corner of a room. Living room, basement, bedroom–it didn’t matter. That beige box and its bulky, buzzing friend the monitor were always wedged between two walls. I type this as I sit in the middle of a room, on a bed, composing on a tablet a sliver of the …

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Fresh Face for Sheer Miracle

I’ve often said that if I could walk around Photoshopped in my everyday life, I would. We’ve all become accustomed to images of women looking absolutely perfect–no wrinkles, no blemishes, no extra weight on the hips. And while the world’s biggest supermodels get as close to western ideals of beauty as possible via their own …

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Is going green driving you nuts? Put down those conventional cashews, and take a breath. It’s easy to feel like any little effort you make is just awash in the larger environmental picture. Aside from flying less, walking more, and learning to love a dirty car, here are a few smart, sexy, screwball ways to …

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Boris Karloff at the CDC

You know what I love about writing? Getting to fact check before I press “Publish.” If I’d had such capacity I would not have made an egregious pop culture faux pas. While recording the Talk Nerdy podcast last week with brainy beautiful badass Cara Santa Maria, Cara remarked that physicians and epidemiologists making flu vaccines to address annually specific strains was a little …

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Gia Mora with Cara Santa Maria
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