Meet Miz Mora


Warm. Wacky. Beautiful. Brilliant.

Gia Mora, a.k.a. Einstein's Girl, is a multifaceted performer and writer. She brings her unique blend of brains and beauty to her work on stage and screen.

Rave Reviews

Gia Mora is delightful, hilarious, beautiful singing voice. She performs with the effervescence of champagne.

– Washington Post

Delightful! Ms. Mora managed the unthinkable–melding intellectual thoughts on topics as varied as black holes and supercomputing and devilishly funny commentary on the intersection between American obsession with technology and the search for love with sultry, jazz-infused vocals.

– Broadway World

Mora is the complete package—great voice, songwriting ability, humor, intelligence, looks, and imagination.

– Cabaret Scenes Magazine
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